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June 9, 2019
The Best WordPress Backup Solutions

Imagine how painful and maddening an experience it can be to wake up one day and find out that your website has been hacked and your data is either corrupted with malware or worse, just gone. Now there are services which will charge you a pretty penny and can clean up your site— but there's […]

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June 2, 2019
Improving WordPress Security in 4 Easy Steps

WordPress is an extremely popular content management system because it is open-source and provides you access to a ton of useful tools thanks to its extensive library. This popularity, however, comes with a trade-off that makes it a popular target for malicious attacks. Although WordPress is secure, it isn’t without its vulnerabilities. Third-party developers write […]

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May 26, 2019
How to Stop Your Website’s Email from Becoming Spam

You might be surprised to learn that nearly 80 percent of all emails on the internet are spam. Regardless, it can be pretty frustrating if your business emails keep ending up in your recipients’ spam folder instead of their inbox. While there’s not much you can do on your recipients’ end to fix that issue—they […]

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May 19, 2019
Headless WordPress

What is a headless CMS? A couple of years ago I was at a WordCamp in Sydney, Australia and Japh from Human Made made a presentation about headless wordpress. or headless CMS. I think back at the time I was asking myself, what was the point? Or, what is the application for this? And... was […]

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May 12, 2019
How to fix WordPress

On the surface of it, WordPress looks straightforward enough. Until things go wrong. It has happened to everyone, at least once. You are experiencing a problem on your WordPress website. A new plugin that conflicts with your installation, a custom code that you incorrectly added to the functions.php file (if you run a theme). Whatever […]

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May 5, 2019
8 Ways to improve the performance of your website

In this age of instant updates, delivery on the same day, and otherwise high customer service expectations, website visitors simply won't wait long to download your website. Web performance and download speeds are increasing science, and research shows that milliseconds can make a real difference in customer behavior and get those conversions of sales. Most […]

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April 28, 2019
web design hobart

Consider hiring a web design agency to build your online presence and secure a foothold on local search engine outcomes? Would you be surprised if we said local web design services in Hobart Tasmania may be the best way to go when determining which agency to hire? While web design agencies abroad offer attractive prices […]

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April 21, 2019
Boosting your local SEO through online reviews

It can be a real struggle for businesses to get positive reviews outside the food and hospitality industry. Usually, consumers don't review their landscaper, gym, car rental agency and many other types of business with which they interact on a daily basis unless something goes wrong. That's why we talk to companies every day that […]

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April 14, 2019
Need help with your WordPress site?

Are you responsible for looking after the company website? For a variety of reasons, you find yourself reading this blog post. You may have been recently employed by your company to fulfill a vacant role. Somewhere along the way the boss has pointed the finger at you and asked you to maintain or update the […]

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April 7, 2019
How to design a website in 8 easy steps

There is much more to designing a website than you might first think. When you look around its not hard to see some websites that stand out for their better design and easy to understand messages and content. We take you through the 7 steps for how to design a website. 1. Identify your site's […]

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