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42.2 kilometres is the distance of a marathon.  Alistair Kealty was looking for a new site and needed it fast.  We helped him get there!
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52 Marathons in 52 weeks across 52 countries!
Alistair wanted a site to show his progress
Setting some amazing goals for the year, Alistair needed a site to showcase his ambitious goal.   He had some rough ideas what he was after but was very short on time and needed people who could jump right in and help him get a website up quickly.
42point2.com is a marathon site built by Hobart Webdesign company Forte Web Design
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Custom content
Alistair needed a site that would cater for his own unique requirements around running a marathon.  These included the ability to capture the detail of each event, track his progress against along the way.  Link in youtube videos where possible and also add links for each event to his Strava account.  Lastly, pull this all together so his followers could see his progress on a world map. 
Delivering in marathon time
Part of the team at Forte Web Design also run marathons.  Along with this we love supporting runners and running related websites.  We got up to speed very quickly with Alistairs requirements and were able to make some more suggestions which really added to the value and flavour of his site.   42point2.com has been a very rewarding site to participate in because Alistair is so invested in this project.  He's also a hell of a nice guy!
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