Black Fillet Project

Institute for Marine & Antarctic Studies (IMAS) is a centre of excellence for marine and Antarctic research. Their research cuts across traditional scientific and social scientific boundaries.  They are dedicated to developing environmental understanding and facilitating thoughtful and sustainable development for the benefit of Australia and the world
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For several years now the rate of flathead being fished from the Derwent River, D'Entrecausteaux Channel and surrounding waters have shown an increase in the presence of black staining (melatonin) in the muscle mass.  While scientists can't yet agree whether this makes the flesh unsafe to eat they are also still trying to determine the cause.  This website was developed to raise local awareness about the Black Fillet Project, pass on everything currently known about the topic and encourage members of the public to participate.
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Identifying the project objectives
Working with Jemina from IMAS we initially met up with the core team and talked through what the main concerns where and from these the objectives for the new website.   We discussed various options about how the site should be laid out then presented a mock-up of the site to show how it might look.  We find that visuals are always a great way to help people decide which way forward is best.  Its often the case that once you've collected all the key information and got the main sections into a website mockup you can start to pull everything together.  Such was the case with the great team at IMAS.
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Forte Web Design also host websites.  This means that we can manage the entire process from registering and managing your new website domain name, through to the website design and development process right through to hosting.  Of course it doesn't stop there.  We checked in with Jemina at the 2 week and 1 month mark to see if they were happy with the new site and whether there were further changes we could make.  As part of our regular arrangement we will also keep the site software updated  and backed up to protect against website attacks.  

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