Bruny Island Ultra

We got the opportunity to work with the Ultra Marathon committee to promote this amazing event that takes place once a year on Bruny Island.
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Bruny Island Ultra website images by Forte Web Design
Promoting this Amazing Ultra Marathon on Bruny Island
Fresh, Modern and New
The guys from Bruny Island Ultra Marathon were looking for a fresh new look.  Their site had been running on a free Google blog site for many years and while it contained basic event information it didn't adequately showcase the ultra marathon or the beautiful environment it takes place in, Bruny Island - Tasmania.  Our task was primarily to produce a beautiful new site that entices the visitor to enter the event, either as a single participant or part of a relay of friends, and experience all that Bruny Island has to offer.
Bruny Island Ultra website images by Forte Web Design
Bruny Island Ultra website images by Forte Web Design
Images that Inspire
As the event takes place on an island we chose the colours of the sea.   Working with friends of the event we collected many photographs of the event and the island then put these together along with the right words to create something that tells you not just about the event but also a bit about the landscape you are running through.
Thinking like Runners
Whenever we take a job on we always try to place ourselves in the position of the website owner.   What are they trying to promote?  How does this match to what people are looking for?  What is the appeal to enter this event and how do we make this so attractive a proposition that you really have no choice but to get involved.  

The Bruny Island Ultra Marathon committee love what we came up with and so do we.  This is such a nice site to visit and we are proud not just of how it turned out but also to participate in and support such a great event. 
Bruny Island Ultra website images by Forte Web Design

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