City to Casino Fun Run

One of Australia's longest running fun runs
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City to Casino Fun Run new website build by Forte Web Design
Established in 1972 it is the oldest fun run in Tasmania
Athletics South Brief
Rebuild the City to Casino website so it is new and fresh.  Make the event appealing and attractive to all ages and make it easy to find important information.
Hobart Website design for City to Casino website by Forte Web Design
City to Casino website looks good on all device types thanks to Forte Web Design.
Understanding the clients intentions.
Working closely with the race directors we started by scraping all useful information from the old site.  This even it one of the longest running in Australia and we wanted to do this right. Next we got clear on what the expectation was for the new site and asked the directors to shortlist from a range of site design options.  A strategy was developed blending original content with new to improve Search Engine ranking.  Site mock-ups were created to test out design ideas with the client.  Once we were agreed on a look and feel to the site we started the build process.  Responsiveness was tested at every stage and the client was involved through out the process.   
While keywords are always relevant, the event is already popular and well advertised.  Focus was on ease of use and connecting with social media and the external ticketing system.  We've still analysed the appropriate keywords and added them where we could to provide a good blend of keyword density and readability.  The City to Casino website is an easy to view site with content accessible in different ways.
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