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Budget Hobart Fun Run

Pete Keenan has been directing this annual event for over 20 years.  We called him one day and asked why registrations were still paper based with a payment option of either cash or cheque?   Surely his customers would be happier with an online registration and payment option?   Well said Pete, if you can set that up for me I would very much appreciate it.   So we did!

First thing was a complete site overhaul to bring it into the 21st century.   The site was then linked to Facebook and via this medium to other similar events.  Any new posts on the website were set to automatically update Facebook and we currently work with the committee to ‘push’ relevant news updates to a mail list audience.

Next a comprehensive review of online form and payment options lead us to a competitive event registration company based in Melbourne.

The net result is that the Budget Hobart Fun run took more than double the entries of the previous year with registrations closing off 2 weeks before the event took place.  We look forward to doing the same again this year!

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