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Cadbury Marathon

Race director, Shelley Miller wanted a new look website but didn’t want to pay the $5,000 quoted by a local web provider.   She liked what she saw with the Budget Hobart Fun Run site – particularly that bit about doubling their registrations through the active use of regular bogs, facebook updates and newsletters.

Shelley’s requirements were to:

  • Revamp the website to look fresh and interactive
  • Reduce clutter by improving layout and incorporating images where appropriate
  • Keep it practical not too flashy

We used a modern theme which is responsive to all mobile devices.  This way the site will still present well on a smart phone, tablet or larger screened device.  We eliminated sliding images but kept the top level images bright and relevant while keeping them as small as possible to reduce load time.

Shelley made our job much easier for us by being very clear what she liked and what she didn’t like.

Finally, the site was optimised for search engines like Google.  A regular backup process was put in place and a caching system installed to make sure the site handles the peak traffic expected as we get closer to race day.

Shelley is very happy with the site particularly as she can log in and make minor adjustments herself as necessary.

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