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Green Marine

Matt is an avid tech-head who loves anything to do with technology.   He could (and would) have built this site himself except that time was short and he never seemed to get it completed.

Green Marine provide a quality service to boat owners in the Channel area of Hobart/Kettering.  They have a big focus on installing the right gear for the right budget and pay particular attention to pre-existing equipment and how new additions might fit in.  They sell ‘solutions’ not bits of gear and this philosophy meshes tightly with their belief that careful treatment of our environment will leave the planet in better shape for future generations.

When Green Marine came to us they really wanted a fresh looking site where they could explain a little more about what they do and what they believe in.  They wanted to feature certain marine equipment and also have an option to establish some e-commerce from the site in the future.  A lot of emphasis was placed on making sure the site was functional on all different sized screens.

We very much enjoyed working with Green Marine.   They were full of suggestions and concepts how they wanted the site to look and it was such a pleasure to work with people who were as excited as we were about developing a new site.

Matt knows everything he needs to know to keep updating the system.  He also knows he can call on us at anytime and we’ll either make changes on his behalf or show him how.  Though it would be true to say that Matt’s inquisitive mind has brought many learning’s to us here at Forte Web Design!

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