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Kingston Beach Educational Learning Centre

Its never been truer than in the world of technology that change happens quickly!

This is the second version of this site in 4 years.  While the first version was doing its job just fine it was starting to show its age.  That’s because modern day design principles surround us all day long and its not hard for the eye to pick something that looks out-dated.  The look of your site is a reflection on your business and so its important to keep it looking fresh.

The requirement by the Centre’s committee was to give the site a facelift.  Preserve some key elements that assist parents while hiding other pages which made the site look and feel too busy.

The underlying goal of the site remains to:

  • Provide prospective parents with some initial information about the Centre
  • Act as an information portal for online sourcing of policy and other Centre related documents
  • Secure access to Committee Member documents via secured section


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