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Explanation: When we build a website we make sure a sitemap is constructed and supplied to Google and Bing Search Engines to ensure they start indexing the site.  This is done to make sure their website crawlers find every nook and cranny of the site and read every word to ensure the best possible ranking when people search for keywords that relate to the site.  This sitemap is formatted in XML which is a markup language used to describe structure.   Sometimes, a sitemap will contain links to other sitemaps.  This usually happens where the content of the site is clearly split into different silos.  ie: pages versus posts.  and even further where posts are split between standard WordPress posts and Custom Post Types that we would create.

The search engines also like to know that we are making the site as readable as possible for humans.  That's where this page comes in.  It provides similar information to the sitemap.xml file, but in human format.  If we've done our job properly, you should be able to get to every relevant post or page on this site via a menu item or a clickable link somewhere on the site.  But if you want to see all content of a site then always look for the sitemap.

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