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Social Media Marketing is the intelligent use of a social media platform like Facebook or Instagram to market your product or service at a key demographic for a set period of time and within a set financial budget.
If you have an advertising budget then you need to be considering social media marketing as part of your strategy.  Modern day social media marketing relies on sophisticated data capture of individuals that use social media services like Facebook and Instagram.  Never before has such a large amount of information been collected on such a large group of individuals and while not without some controversy, we can show you how to tap into this resource to target key sales demographics.
If you consider free to air television as an example.  In the old days you would pay for a television advertisement.  It would screen at a certain time of day for up to 30 seconds at a time and everybody would be subjected to it whether they were interested or not.  Far from perfect, a lot of people would use ad breaks to get off the couch and do something else.   This style of advertising is the scatter gun approach.  You cast a wide net, its expensive and most people won't be interested.  

Compare that example with social media marketing.  We discuss the product or service you want to promote.  Establish a landing page on your website or ours to monitor the click through rate then set up the ad on Facebook or Instagram.  There are a number of things we need to focus on with the advertising.  The main elements are:
  • Identify your demographic or interest group.  How do we identify these people?  What keywords, hobbies, professions etc can we use to narrow down the group to those that we think will be interested,
  • We need to identify the pain points that the target social media market audience will be suffering from,
  • What is the solution we are proposing?
  • What is the offer that we are making? Its got to be good because we want their contact details and most people wont give up an email or phone number unless there is some value in it for them.
Once the social media marketing campaign begins we will monitor the Click Through Rate (CTR) and work with you to further narrow down the interest groups so we aren't wasting campaign money.   We will monitor the clicks that hit the landing page for this product or service then analyse how many clicked further through to either learn more or buy.  

The landing page also known as a Lead Generation page should be single focused.  When we land the customer on this page we want to tell them everything that is right about your product or service and why they should contact you by phone/email, leave their own contact details or buy your product online.  

We will work with you on the landing page to make it product/service specific.  We will provide regular updates on the CTR from Facebook right through the sales funnel and show conversion rates.  

Looking to improve your business income?

But free sounds good...

And it is.  We will tell you everything you need to know so you can capitalise on organic traffic within the social media engine.   This can be done in any number of ways.  The main concepts are:
  • By writing blog posts on your site and pushing these to your social media,
  • Offering your viewers incentives to click and read these blog posts brings traffic to your site,
  • You can run competitions on social media to grow your number of followers.  Prizes don't have to be expensive and can work out very cost effective for increasing your social reach.
At any time that a social media article or concept is doing well we can discuss ways to boost the post to a broader audience.  This does cost money but can also increase the view and share rate.  Competitions as mentioned above can be great ways to increase the number of social media Likes to your business or product page.

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