Our Marketing Strategy

The digital era we live in offers us rich data about our potential customers. More than ever advertising can be targeted at specific groups of people offering greater return on investment than ever before.

At Forte Web Design we are in sync with newer advertising platforms and will work with you to identify the option that suits your budget.

Organic Search Results

At a passive level you have organic search results within popular search engines like Google Search. This is where someone searches Google on a keyword or a phrase and if we get this right your page or website are placed high on the first page. Its important to understand that correction keyword identification and appropriate loading of keywords throughout your website are part of what can improve your search engine results. This is part of the formula called Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. Being specific about what each page is about, explaining clearly with plenty of descriptive text what your product, service or other proposition is, helps the search engine to better categorise and rank your page and your site.

Its also important to note that some keywords are so popular that you aren't going to bump off the competition over night. Paid advertising in Google will also bump you down the page and this can't be avoided unless you have budget to pay for advertising yourself, which we often recommend while a business establishes its web presence.

Once we understand your business and the keywords you believe are important we then look at what other keywords are resulting in 'hits' to your competitor websites. Couple this with the use of synonyms and long-tail keywords on your pages and we are well on the way to improving your ranking.

We are passionate about collaboration in business and believe this is fundamental to the creation of a successful website.

Paid Web Search Advertising

As mentioned above, we can assist you with establishing online marketing campaigns using Google Search. These ads can appear not just on a search results page but anywhere that web advertising might appear on a website.
Its important to note that more and more browsers are starting to hide this style of online ad but they still have a strong result on the search page. The other important point to note about search engine results is that you are relying on a person already knowing what it is they are looking for. If they are searching for something different, say a car when you are selling apples then they'll never find you. Even though an apple might be very appealing to them at the time.
The point we are trying to make is that search engine advertising works when people know what they are looking for but does not instill a 'need' or 'compulsive desire' to purchase something they weren't aware of moments earlier. To accomplish this you either need to advertise on the side of a bus, in a magazine etc, or understand your market better and use pin point advertising.

Social Media Advertising

In recent years a new type of advertising opportunity has arisen. Not without controversy of course, social media marketing is now taking the world by storm. If you've followed the news about how the freely available social media platforms such as Facebook happily collect every snippet of information about you to on sell to advertisers then you will know where we are going next.

Social media organisations like Facebook collect so much information about their users that they are able to categorise them by a number of very distinct categories. At the simplest level they will segment people into age and gender groups. But apart from these two layers they start to add many more. If you've joined a group on sheep dipping they will identify you as someone with an interest in this area. They might also note that you engage with other people or groups that discuss barbeques. Suddenly you start seeing advertisements popping up in front of you for products that centre around these interest. For example, you might see barbeque related ads, or maybe advertisements about sheep based food product, or wool etc. The more you do on the social media platform the more information they collect and the better they understand you. Yes, its a little bit creepy, but as they say... If you aren't paying for the product then... you are the product.