Website Development

We will work with you to understand your vision for your new website while providing you the expertise to build a solution that speaks to your target audience.

Nothing good happens by accident. The same is true of a well built website. Its more than picking a template with pretty colours and nice layout. Every aspect of the development process requires careful planning, collaboration and experience.

No matter how much effort you put into the design (look and feel) of your website, if you haven't developed the right strategy then visitors are going to leave your site for your competitor. There's more to it than a pretty face and once we have the content right to keep the search engine's happy we then need to consider the strategy that engages the humans.

So what should you be looking for in a web development partner? Obviously you want people with experience in web technology who know what type of hosting platform through to the software that your website will run on. However, a true partner will also identify the key business requirements and communicate these back to you clearly so that you know you are on the same page. From this a plan can be drawn up to focus on the key outcomes.

At Forte Web Design we will work closely with you to understand the key business requirements of your new site. We'll collaborate with you on content to ensure correct key word density and suitable images and triggers such as Call To Actions are prominently placed to engage your customers. Before building the site we will provide mockups first so you get a feeling of its going to look. Then once you agree to proceed we start the building process.

With all the hard work done, the building process is very quick. If we have everything lined up with the right images and content copy then we can hit the ground running and build you the website you need. Not just a site that meets the glossy pamphlet specifications but one that offers a true business solution.

We are passionate about collaboration in business and believe this is fundamental to the creation of a successful website.

Our Experience

Since 2012 we've built a lot of websites and we know that our area of expertise is small to medium businesses, SMBs. We have specialised in building a wide range of website offerings from brochure style sites to specialist solutions with requirements for customised post type solutions.
Our ability to build dynamic websites that offer a personal fit to your own business needs as well as eCommerce solutions with clear pathways to purchasing, enable your company to explore new types of opportunities for reaching your audience. With your new website you will keep them engaged and build brand loyalty.
All of our sites are built with 'mobile first' in mind to make sure they look good on all popular mobile devices.

Our Development Philosophy

From the moment we meet you we are thinking about the development aspects of the project. What are you looking for and why? What does our previous experience tell us about this? Is it the best fit? Can we do it better? At every stage we continue to ask ourselves these questions so that when the time comes to create the new site the process is seamless.

We use WordPress for 99% of our development work because it is a proven product for a wide variety of web site solutions. If you don't already know, WordPress powers over 33% of the internet. This means there is a lot of information about it, plenty of variety in configuration options and the product is well supported. But don't think for a moment that the website we build for you will be built from a template. Every site we build has its own unique look and feel about it.

Our Process

Here at Forte Web Design our approach to process is using a waterfall methodology. This means that we establish key milestones that need to be completed before the next one starts. Sure there is some overlap at times but its often the case that we can't properly start on the next stage until the previous one has been completed.

At every stage we are in consultation with you ensuring your opinions are heard and that your intentions and purpose areembedded into the solution as we progress.

When we think we are ready to go we run it through our QA process were we get a different set of eyes to review the site using different browsers and devices. Any issues identified at this stage are corrected.

Regardless of how right we get it your opinion matters the most. The final stage of the build journey is your opportunity for review and feedback. Once we have finished we will typically check back in with you over the following weeks to see if anything else has come to mind.

Keeping in mind that even the simplest looking website has hidden levels of complexity, its not uncommon to make changes after the final sign off. We consider this a part of the process and expect it.